What we do

Our Value Proposition.

Synergetic Partnerships
Unique mix of expertise covering multi disciplines
capacity and resources sized to suit the project in question.
services are designed to identify major risks in your business
Many of our clients have worked with us for many years.
Benefit from our industry experience and our network of specialists and information.
We know the perspectives and issues from the point of view of producers and retailers.
Link between Business and Technology
Extensive experience in applying change management techniques
We offer a neutral external perspective.
skilled project, process and change management techniques to secure lasting success.
We support the development and skills training of the personnel involved.

Our Sound Values.

PractiQ has a rigorous approach when it comes to review and quality assurance. Part of our philosophy is the brainstorming of thoughts, ideas and solutions to ensure that they are aligned with best practice, industry standards and in due course that they add value to our clients.

We don’t  just  develop  concepts,  we  also  put  our  proposals  into  action  in  the  real world  and  take  responsibility  for  them.  We  place  great  emphasis  on  sustainable results  and  long-term  partnerships.

Our cost structure is fair and just to ensure that our clients receive the thorough going value without compromising on the quality of the resources, skills and expertise it needs to achieve the project objectives and deliverables.

Our  clients’  employees  are  limelight  – With open communication, fair dealings and reliability we  will  partner  with  your  people  to  achieve  even  the  most  difficult  of  goals.

This is our core differentiator as we are able to leverage our in-depth experience to ensure that our solutions comply with leading best practice, in addition to being practical and tailored to client specific needs.

which is the cornerstone of our foundation and way of living.

More than 25 Years
of Experience

120+ Projects
40+ Problem
80+ Satisfied
Dedicated Project Management

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