If you’re a talented, thoughtful, creative, Quick Learner and far thinking innovator who have the knowledge, the patience, the strength, and the passion to create a better world for the future, then you’ve come to the right place.

Be part of our family. Become a trusted and recognized member of a constantly developing team, where your creativity and innovation get wings and there is always a path to grow.

Proactively envisioned Innovation based expertise and cross-Sector growth strategies. Participate in Challenging and simulating projects and change initiatives and transformations.


You’ll gain experience in everything from marketing, software, design, HR, Business, and more. Shortly you’ll get a chance to oversee a team, Managing own Project in new markets or helping us grow in new directions.

Everyone within our team is highly motivated, driven and ambitious – they have to be!

We have Ideas and projects for everyone, if you can handle it, you will get it.

We are into the future in everything. New Technologies, latest trend. Market Best Practices and always think what is Next?


Work from Anywhere. Work from a coffee shop, the office or at home. We just expect you to show up for meetings and be in the office for a few hours each week.


open positions

Job Posting Title Location Department Date
UI/UX Designer Cairo, Egypt Digital Transformation March 12, 2022
Digital Marketing Specialist Cairo, Egypt Digital Transformation March 12, 2022
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If you would like to talk business, drop an email to or submit a business inquiry online to set up an informal sit-down over a coffee or for a more formal meeting to discuss a specific brief.

“Hat’s off to PractiQ! Their consulting intervention with TEPCO was thoughtfully tailored to our needs and delivered with supreme enthusiasm… and relevance.”

Faysal Dawood